Nex Grey Problems

When I ordered my Moai I ordered a few different resins to go with it so I’d have some things to test. Recently I’ve been having trouble with lines in my blue and neon green peopoly resins at low layer heights, so I went to try my Nex Hi-temp grey.

Problem being, I had some issues with under-curing causing tiny thin supports and failed prints. I’ve been upping the laser power and printing the ring test and I’m up to 55 now and only just getting prints where the supports are almost working properly. For reference, I have to print at 55/56 for peopoly resins due to over curing at 57+. Given that Nex Grey is meant to print at 51 this seems really strange that I have to go up and not down.

Has anybody got some Nex grey and Normal Grey and noticed anything different between them that might help me tell whether my Nex grey is actually nex? ie: Smell, viscosity, look, etc

Edit: Took power level 56 to get a decent looking ring print with intact supports…

(ring 55 or 56, head 57)
Bad quality image, Getting decent prints at 57 laser power. Don’t think it’s Nex Hi-temp. Time to email support I guess

the color looks like nex grey, what is the printing temperature?


35+C. Heated by peop heater and a silicone brewing heater around the vat
Is there some sort of definitive test like printing a normal object and a hi-temp object and hitting them with a heat gun till one starts to deform?

the only way to really distinguish nex gray from standard gray is by laser power
standard won’t print out anything at 51 , which is recommended setting for Nex
mix your resin well and you can start testing

Did some more test prints, turned the laser back down from 57 to 51.
Managed to actually get a test ring print at 51 that didn’t completely fail or have all supports fail this time.
Seem to be having some issues similar to this person: Print fail 35 micron

Except for the fact that my temperature is fine and my vat is clean


Printed at level 52 due to ring supports having big issues still at 51

Tried another print at 51 just to completely rule it out.

So this is Nex gray, we can confirm that
Have you tried to stir the resin again? in Nex the pigments settle heavily so you would have to put a stick in and stir like making scramble eggs

Good to confirm that it is Nex Grey
Switched back to peop blue at the moment to get some working prints for another project. Still testing with the Nex.

Got almost decent results with the head at 53. Will try even more intensive stirring prior to switching back to nex.