New user failed print

Hi, I’m new to Moai so just starting. I got the test prints to run fine after calibrating and then went on to run off three perfect prints. Then the 4th print went wrong, and the next 2 after that. So 3 good then 3 bad. What I am getting is partial prints. Either part of the whole thing is missing, including the supports, or I get the supports but not the object, or all of the supports but only part of the object. After the first bad one I very gently scraped out the resin tray (it’s the standard Moai PDMS tray) with a plastic scraper and a flat piece of failed print was stuck to it but came off fine. I checked the tray after each failed print. The 3rd failed print was intact but the main object was very distorted - like it had stuck to the tray at first and then peeled off later. What am I doing wrong, please?

Sorry to hear your issue, here is a survey we use to help us get as much info as we can from user so that we could provide best solution. Even if you might have provide some info already, please answer the question for the completeness.
Support Survey:

Room temperature (it is best that resin temperature is above 25C):
Build plate type: (Standard 1-piece / easy to level)
Vat: (Silicon vat / FEP vat)
The source of FEP film
Are you using default firmware setting? If no, answer next four question
Are you using a heater?
What type of resin:
What type Vat: (Peopoly Original vat, Recoated Peopoly vat, custom vat made by user)

software used to generate support:
software used to export gcode
If using Asura, what is the version and profiles used:
Are you using default Asura support setting?
Support tip diameter size?

Asura Genral issues

  1. what version
  2. what OS
  3. Would you be able to provide us with an error log
  4. if you can opengl driver version

Moai Settings:
Firmware version:
System Setting is default per Peopoly recommendation? (Yes/No)
Z Motor Speed
PM Motor Speed
Laser Power
Z Reset Position
PM Reset Position
Z Follows
Z Initial Speed
PM Initial Speed
Leveling measurement:
A, B, C, D (example 10.9mm)

Any user customization?

Please help share followng pictures as they can provide very good info on finding solutions to your issues
System setting on Moai
Support settings in the software you use
Support arrangement in the software you use. (How support connectts to the object)

Room temperature is 25+, pretty hot. I have a Moai heater and used that overnight, when one of the failures happened. I do not use the heater during the day it is already too hot so no need.
Build plate is standard type.
Vat is silicon type PDMS, new original coating.
Resin is Peopoly Professional (grey)
Software is Meshmixer 3.5.474 for the supports then Cura 4.6.1 with the Moai settings imported. I didn’t use Asura because I couldn’t register it. I now have registered it, after doing this job. I will try with it in future for my next job, but I have to print more of these first. I don’t think there is a problem with the supports because the first three jobs ran fine no problem and all are identical (same gcode).
Meshmixer orientation and supports as recommended by Meshmixer. Mostly small tips.
Moai settings all as per default. Moai is brand new (arrived April) so firmware should be current. I have not updated it.
Latest version of this file printed fine, after emptying and refilling the vat. There were no bits in it though.

Meshmixer is no longer used for Moai, although it’s totally optional
if you are printing in series, try to scrape the vat slightly with the plastic scraper, to expose the vat to the air and increase the adhesion

Thanks. I added some extra supports in Meshmixer and that fixed it.