New to SLA and getting Moai 130


Hello all,

I am getting a Moai 130 kit next week. I am new to 3D printing but I have been using my Prusa MK3S kit I built for few months. I have had good luck with this and going to add this Moai into my mix. I am still new and little lost as to where should start learning SLA. I have been using PrusaSlicer 2.0 for the most part. At first I did use Cura 4.0 awhile but switched since had a Prusa. I am not to worried about the build itself but after. Leveling etc. I did buy the Peopoly Moai Easy-to-Level Build Plate and FEP vat. Just thought might as well get this stuff now. Should I use the new build plate and VAT from the start? Also purchased 1l of Grey and Neon Green resin to start with.

Since new to SLA this hollowing out models and much more supports needed as me looking for more info and help. What all programs will I need to install and learn?

Guess need advice where to start and crash coarse.



I came from FDM as well and it used to be a lot harder to start with the Moai until Asura was released. Now I find most of the time I can bring the model into Asura, orient it at an angle (unfortunately auto-orient doesn’t yet do anything in Asura) and use the auto-generated supports, then do some quick edits on the supports to add or remove some and then print.

The other thing I found was that I basically wasn’t getting anything really close to an accurate print in terms of dimensional precision (compared to what I was used to from FDM) until I did the custom calibration (described in the Asura guide). After doing that it is much, much closer.

There are a lot of people on this forum with other workflows that work well for them to but I like the ease of using a single package with Asura. PrusaSlicer does now allow its MSLA supports to be exported to STL so you could also do that and use Asura purely for slicing and applying the custom calibration. Their supports are probably tuned to MSLA though or at the very least an FEP vat.



Thanks for the info. So if build this new should I start with the build plate and vat that came with printer or switch up to easy to Level and FEP vat at start? Looking for info what would be best way to get going.



I suggest you start with the original build plate and the PDMS vat. When everything is working you can consider switching to easy-level build plate and FEP vat (I still have mine in original packages still waiting for ”the switch” :smiley:). I however see no reason for switching at this time because everything is working great.



I also haven’t made the switch to easy level and FEP yet, though also have them sitting here waiting. I think some of the documentation currently is written from the perspective of people who used the conventional setup first then change over.



you can read this post by @ShadowDrakken, he learned things in the hard way =)))