New to FEP vat for Moai 200

Hi, my PDMS vat ruined and I would like to start using my FEP vat. I have some questions:

  1. Do I need to use the easy to level build plate with it or I can use the regular build plate I was using with the PDMS?
  2. Do I need to redo the leveling even if I had it done for the PDMS?
  3. Is there anything different that I need to do with this vat compared to the PDMS?

Thank you!

  1. It is meant to be possible to use the regular build plate, however it may cause some difficulty in leveling to the acrylic in the FEP vat, and will give you a vastly lower resin volume, meaning tiny prints or refilling regularly mid print.

  2. If you move to the easy to level, you’ll need to level it, but it’s much easier to do so, hence the name. With the default I imagine there may be some re-leveling that’s required, but only a test prints going to really show.

  3. Don’t really have much experience using PDMS. You really want to avoid scratching or putting a hole in the FEP, as leaks can get expensive quick. Also, different default bed height (1816? instead of 1878 or whatever you’ve got setup).