New Small Vat - For experimental resins

Hi Guys!

I’ve gone through 2 litres of resin on both the included PDMS vat and an FEP vat, but as I will be using this printer for research purposes to test new Bio-resins I wanted to create a smaller volume vat.
It’s now been completed and assembled and should hold 40mL of resin at a time.

My questions is: as my vat is almost identical to the original FEP vat in terms of dimensions in the Z direction (my acrylic tensioner is 0.5mm thicker), is there a way to find the best Z-reset value manually? Or should I just use the FEP vat value minus a bit?

print the DIY-test gcode to test, if all the pillars printed, keep the z reset or decrease until the pillars not printed (usually it would only print the base if the z reset is not high enough). Reverse the method if the results goes the other way( all pillars not printed with standard FEP settings)

I don’t that would work. My vat is only 60x70mm, so the pillars will be outside the area of the vat. I decided to just change Z-reset to 1810 and it printed my test pillar nicely.

i totally didn’t consider that fact that your build plate is not the same size, sorry about that
no need to be the DIY-test gcode, you can put your own test print in the center to check the result, the method would be just the same