New Prime Upgrade Vs Noir

So having just upgraded my Phenom to a Prime I wanted to do a side by side comparison of the Prime vs my Noir.

For these tests I used the default Chitubox settings, with no anti-aliasing or grey blur. I’m going to say I did this for testing purposes, but the truth is I totally forgot to set these. When I saw SteedMaker’s latest prints post I did a head slap. Those prints look really amazing and smooth.
SteedMaker’s Prints

I used the same resin slit from the same bottle(s) of Siraya Fast Grey.

Printers are both enclosed in the same box with a space heater between them. I set the space heater for 80f.

Same parts were printed on both printers, same supports, both prints started at the same time side by side. Tried to make everything as balanced as I could.

I’ve written a review on my Phenom when I first got it way back in the day.
Phenom Review

Here are the same aliens printed with my Phenom prior to being upgraded.
Phenom Aliens

For comparison sake anything pictured on the left is from the Noir, everything on the right is Prime.

These are prints of a model plane. One big thing to note is the printing times are very different, the Noir is twice as fast as the Prime. I asked Peopoly about this and this is due to the current software. These first prints are both great and really work for my purposes on either printer, however you will note that the very fine details are much sharper on the Prime vs the Noir.

My second test was a set of Aliens figures that I had sculpted in Blender previously. To me these are really a good test of these machines and their ability to reproduce very very fine details. In my mind the fact that either printer can do these and not make a mess of mushed resin is very impressive.

I left the resin in both vats, added half a bottle of fresh resin to each. I will use the yellow scrapper to thoroughly and gently brush the bottom of my vats to help mix up the resin and ensure there is nothing stuck to the bottom of the vat.

Again super crisp results from the Prime. I also found that with the tiny tiny supports on the smaller figures removing them was much less damaging to my parts. Obviously some tail pieces and hands could not be salvaged between either printer. With the increased resolution of the printer I found that parts were much less likely to be fused to supports. I used the default heavy supports for the larger figures and auto built at 80% density, default light supports at 50% density.

One thing I am doing, which a lot of people seem to disagree with is I am using raft/skate. I find this helps my larger prints adhere better to the bed, though I can see the advantages of not using one. I also printed the smaller figures with the base directly onto the bed with no raft.

My final verdict is that both these printers are extremely versatile. I could print the same small figures on my Moai 130 with slightly better resolution, but the increase time could be a huge factor to some. The amount of detail I was getting from my Phenom and my Noir was always amazing, but now with the Prime I am extremely excited for future prints. Also a note on my Moai 130, it worked great, but it was a little on the slow end, I also found greater difficulty keeping tolerances in check. Printing on different spots on my plate made some small but noticeable changes to dimensions. While dimensional accuracy isn’t necessary for producing characters or figures I found that making small interlocking parts was a greater challenge than it has been on my Peopoly LCD printers.

If you are on the fence about getting a Prime or really any other Peopoly printer and spending the extra money over the competitors I would first say always consider your finances. However you will get astounding results and in my mind better reliability of a Peopoly printer vs other brands making the initial investment completely worth it.

Side, side, note. Also I am very paranoid about light pollution and temperature control. I have always ensured that my printers live in their own enclosed area, I use a Uline cabinet to house the Noir and Prime with a space heater between them. I always have the temp at 80f on the heater when printing, and until I get around to mounting a better solution I keep a large black trash bag draped over the doors at all times.

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