New phenom L printer from imakr

i just received my phenom L from Imakr on friday. After unpacking was storend in woorden crate. I performed the test print the small cubes. perfect. now he is working on a statue of about 30 cm. so far everything okay. i am using lychee software because chitubox my cause too many problems on my pc. amazed what a suction power the fep film has. my photon anycubic is nothing compared to it. I think I will install a heater in the construction room. Buy and print resin now that everything continues to work like this. ps does wifi work or is this not provided its confusing its in menu but you can not set it?

The network printing function can be used, but it is not recommended to use it. The network function printing is not very useful. Insist on using U Disk to print is safer and more reliable.