New Phenom L Issues

I’m unable to get a successful print on my new Phenom L. So far I have only got one print to partially stick to the build plate. I’m using Siraya Blu V2 Resin. I’ve tried prints with the default settings and I’ve tried increasing the bottom exposure as well. I’ve tried the recommended bed leveling steps as well as other methods found on various forums. So far I’ve only got supports of prints to stick toward the edges of the build plate. The supports in the middle are stuck to the FEP sheet or they float around in the resin vat. I can tell from the paper test that the outer edges of the build plate touch the LCD panel first. I have to move the plate down about 0.8mm before the gap is filled with the build plate. Also, it feels like the tape pieces on the edges of the LCD panel are too thick, could that be an issue?

The test file shown is good for regular model resin, but not a good benchmark for high viscosity engineering resin like Blu. To print that file with Blu, you are likely have to overcure as it has very thin parts and small base, which does not give you a good profile for regular printing.

The build-in Phenom L setting

I’ve done two more test prints increasing the exposure gradually. However, there was no evidence of anything on the plate or in the vat. I ran the exposure calibration and now the LCD panel is not working. I’ve done 8 short test prints on the machine so far and now the LCD has failed. I will look at the guides for the teardown to make sure it is not a loose connection, however, what is our recourse for this $3500.00 paperweight?

Which version is your firmware? This is the LCD screen testing manual. For technical support, please email

Current firmware is 2.11.

I’m happy to report that the Phenom L is functioning normally. It seems the connector to the panel was loose. So far I’ve 2 very successful prints.