New Phenom build arm not moving

Hi there,

My new Phenom has arrived and after going through the unpacking and initial setup I found that the build arm wont raise or lower at all. The Z-axis motor wasn’t moving or reacting at all when the buttons to raise or lower z-axis were pushed either.

Has anyone had any similar issues with their Phenoms and how did you go about getting your printers to work?

Sorry to hear your question, please check if the equipment circuit is normal?

Check whether the motor cable is loose? Share pictures or small videos to help you better, thank you for your support
If the above check still does not solve the problem, please contact us by email.

To give some further information, the printer itself powers on just fine and the touch screen is responsive, it is when I attempt to raise or lower the build plate mount that it stays still. The motor sounds like it is trying to move but there is no movement.

Here is a photo of the motherboard and its wirings.

Check whether the connection line between the motherboard and the motor is correct, especially whether the pin of the motor is bent, resulting in poor contact