New Moai 200 for me


I bought a new Moai 200 a few weeks ago, newbie to resin printing. I need some help.
When I first got the machine I followed the setup guide:

Checked the laser to the circles, adjusted a little, not too much
Printed the leveling single leveling posts in 4 locations, they measured short, like 8 something mm. Adjusted and reprinted, repeat till approximately 9.6 mm
Ran some prints. Ring always comes out good. 2 inch tall or so moai came out good. Ran the 2cm(?) cube didn’t turn out good, stuck to the tray, I blame that on me and my ignorance on setting it up to print. I printed it on the flat side instead of the edges. It stuck really hard to the tray and I messed up a spot in my film. I think I printed it one more time on a edge this time and it failed again.
I went from there to printing the golden ratio seahorse gears ( Did the Seahorses and the holders all at the same time. The seahorses came out workable, but the outer rings I have tried many times to print with many different setups and failed every time. Here is an example (



How did you make the supports? Those look like FDM supports, which are inappropriate for SLA. Also, they probably waste resin.

Which program are you using as a slicer? Settings?

Technically, you should be orienting a model at ~45° to the build plate, but in this case a flat orientation may give better results.



I tried printing one of my creations, way bigger, not as fragile was the thought. Here is it
Well, I can only send one picture so I will add them below



I will put this failure to broken supports. These supports all had to be manually inserted btw. I will say that the Asura software doesn’t put in very many supports or my machine is very hard to pull from the film. But this is what we are trying to figure out.
So, after more reading, I ran into the new leveling files on the forum with more pegs and then the one with wider area pegs. I also read that longer pegs reduces the pressure. So I ran the 9 peg print, adjusted and repeated till I was around 10.16. I then ran the large area 9 location test. Here is the result

Left side failed as you can see, so I loosened both of the left side adjusters 1/4 turn and printed it again.

BTW, when these fail, they leave a lot of very small circles in the tray, I finally just started pushing them to the side, they are too hard to clean out.

This print looked maybe a little better on the left back but not much, so I cleaned up and loosened the A position 1/2 turn and the B 1/4 Turn. Not much change at all.
I read some more on the forums and thought on another subject. I do have one tiny little bad spot in the film in between position A and I, what happens if I turn the resin tray around. So I did that and printed it. In my opinion, the right side and the middle turned out better but the left still had lots of issues.
Yet more forum reading and I see a comment that says left side printing bad, you might increase the PM reset position. To what ? I ask myself, I don’t know, how about 100 as apposed to the default 80. BTW Here are the setting before I change to the 100 for the PM reset position.

The laser power is turned down because I am running siraya Tech Blue at the moment. Thought was, it is stronger maybe it will work better. It is the green looking prints. The black is peopoly black which is what I started with, after using almost a whole bottle on mostly failed prints I changed to the tech blue. The tech blue ran the ring down to 50 laser power but I kicked it up to 51 and now 52.

I replaced the film a few nights ago and right after put a wrinkle or hole in the new one because of a failed print so I haven’t replaced it again.

Where do I go from here? I have not tried spinning the laser protective cover around to see if that changes anything. Do I increase my calibration height to 10.5 and see what happens?
I know you guys will tell me to change back to peopoly resin which I can, I have wasted almost another bottle now, wont hurt.

Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried doing this?

What would be the down falls to it?

Thank you for your help in advance



I apologize, I meant to get that all out at one time but I had to wait for approval



I made the supports in asura, manually and in an attempt to try and get it to print.
To me, it looks like the supports printed thicker then they should have and melded together. But this is kind of hard to see in asura.
This was an early print



This is an attempt I made last night on what seemed to be the better printing side of the build area.



Hello @andyhol123 Hope you are well. Looking at your issues with the prints, Try to do a proper level. Use the Pegs file. The leveling pegs should be close to around 9.5-10.5 but the difference between the pegs shouldn’t be larger than 0.1 in variation. It is much better to do this so you don’t waste resin on your own prints.

If those are set and print perfectly, then the next conclusion would be some sort of dust on the Galvos.

Let us know if this works for you.



Could this be my problem?
I don’t remember anything about taking off a protective film from the galvo cover



Yep. That would be it! Take it off and try it again.



might be good to add a note to remove and check for protective film somewhere in the setup guide :slight_smile:



Need some help, I’m not doing something right
I can get the 4 level posts to print, I can get the ring to print, I even printed a 2 inch Moai; I cant get anything large to print!

I found Asura to be not very helpful, this is what it came up with for supports

As you know, I am new to this.
On larger prints what are you using for you support settings.
To me it looks like it didn’t print a bunch of the supports but yet it is still printing and peeling off with the few it has connected.
Advice and even telling me how stupid I am would be greatly appreaciated :wink:



Haha, you are far from stupid, my friend :rofl:. There are many different things that could be happening and we all appreciate all your detailed photos! These are fantastic.

One of your photos looks like this model is supposed to be solid with infill? is that correct? Or can the model be hollowed out (remember you are fighting gravity here)? Either way, let’s dive in to see what is happening.

Your slice looks decent, so Let’s go over a few questions so we can grasp the whole scope of this print:

  • Infill %:

  • Laser Power:

  • What type of resin:

You could also try to add supports periodically through the print instead of a giant mass of them.




I am currently using siraya Tech Blue with the laser set at 52. I needed this to be stronger then the Peopoly resins I have.

The part is a cup shape with about 1/8" walls, here is a better picture

This one I did on B9 Creator and all of the supports are large; It is currently printing.
I suspect my issue was that the supports are too small and I was only using a 0.8 mm small point

We will see.

How do you make cross supports?



Cross supports will be your “Branch Size” in Asura 2.2.3



I have been playing with the supports in Asura, I figured out that I had the angle too low apparently. This is about where I had it

Then another thing is I had my internal supports off, this is with them on

Here I maxed out my angle which is 60

You will notice I have it set to a raft instead of posts, the interesting thing here is that it seems to give me 4 turned up corners to help me get the scraper under the edge better.

I will let you know how the B9 manual version turns out, it probably wont since I missed the internal supports or some other reason :rofl:
I will play with Asura more too



Oh! I forgot, my branches were turned on but they seem few and random, why?



Playing more and I thought I might add some useful info in
asura for the next person.
At angle 60 I noticed this

You can see I circled it in blue at the bottom of my part. There are no supports at the very bottom!

So I played with the angle some more and went to 30

Well it kind of put them in the center this time but remove even more supports.

So here is an angle of 35

That looks better!



The print is in progress here is what it looks like, a little hard to see

This is what it was setup as

looks like all of my left side supports failed but it is roughly the right shape, it doesn’t need to be pretty, just functional :rofl:



It failed, bummer


Would love some thoughts

It seems the farther left I get the worse it gets