New Moai 130 power board

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I was putting together a MOAI 130 and noticed the wire colors on the harness from the Galvo boards do not match the color sequence on the page 58 of the installation guide. I am confident the wires will only install this way.

Is the power board new and will this be okay and also the SD card reader is not the same at the manual, can you just pug in the wire either way?

The SD card reader in the manual I think is still the old one which had several issues, and has been updated in later kits like mine and probably yours.

As for the wiring, that looks upside-down from the manual, i’d look at the other side of those connections on the board and see if they have a +/-/earth/whatever marking and see where the wires go on the other side. That or wait till peopoly chimes in.

Thanks Jeby, the Galvo boards look correct so that is why I’m concerned. I’ll wait for Peopoly to chime in.

@Okeydokey There’s only one way for the wires to be pushed in so it should be good to go
right now i’m with my Moai, will get you a confirmation picture soon

Please note the wires going into the Galvo boards are correct. Yes I know the boards are in the opposite places according to the build guide.

Sorry to pester but I am stuck on my build as this moment waiting to see if this acceptable. I’m at the point where I will be closing the case up and starting with calibration, which I will need to power up the machine. But don’t want to dry the board.

@Okeydokey Your wiring is correct, i have checked with the team and it’s the guide that has the wrong wiring color
You are good to go

Thank you for the help!