New Moa 200 - Circel Test Fail - Cross-center not work, help plz

Hello Community,
I’m Happy to get now our new MOAI 200.
Now I will try to calibrate it and Frist. No SD Card inside (but ok i get all file online).
So now start my disaster.

The Printed Circle was to on the outline to Big to fill it in (new MOAI 200 as and Black not Transparent like the old one, also it a rounded on the inner Corner so that don can in), but to no problem cut the corner from paper a fine. Here is the Paper with Circle to Download not for 200 available!!!

Now start I start 200-yuan-test, and see the Laser Circle ist too small and i cant move the Paper arround.

So also I start the 200-cross-center.gcode and he start to move Axis but no laser will start.

So what now I can do?

Thank all for helping.

hey, welcome to the Moai 200 club.

Could you possibly upload a youtube video of the problem you are having?

take care not to hurt your eyes with the laser testing. ( wear the cool green goggles )

As far as I know the Moai 200 should be precalibrated and leveled, you shouldn’t need to do this straight away.

Hello, wow it was fast :slight_smile: im impressed,

sry today i cant testing, i will upload it on youtube next day.
Next Problem no download link enable in dokument for the DIYTest.gcode file.
I can´t also make this step did you like send me an Downloadlink for it.
And to for Reprint the Ciycle for MOAI 200?

Best Regards

I dont work for @Peopoly ;).

You can download the files here in the calibration guide.

you should read the Moai 200 manual, its pretty good -[]=moai&s[]=200

Oh wow, than is has to thanks more for you Helpfullnes,
Also i use this guid and you see on any step that i need to start the DIYTest.gcode
but here is no download.
Did you can upload or send me and link for you File.
And please to the 200-cross-center.gcode
I Will do now an Video where i run the 200-yuan-test.gcode.

Best Regards

for the moai200 the levelling guide is above, with the link to download the pegs gcode :slight_smile: it has a different file name for 200 machine.

Thank for Link.

Here Link to Video

that looks fine for now to be honest. one thing with the Moai 200 is not to mess with it too much at the beginning and just do some print tests, as I mentioned these are pre calibrated.

I would suggest printing the leveling pegs as the next step and report back with the measurements.

what resin are you using? do you own the moai 130 as well?

i will now print the 200-level pegs file, and update i will post here.
also i own only the moai 200.
The Resin I will use is from elegoo:

unfortunately that resin is for LCD printers and might not give you the best result. If you have Peopoly NEX resin use that.

I dont know what laser power you need for that resin, you will need to test this yourself…

i Has now an other Problem.
The Print doesnt Start.

I add Resign - Start the Heater wait 20 min- Start the File 200-leveling-pegs.gcode

but he dosnt Start after 50min.

Display doesnt say an Error.

The Same Issue was on 200-cross-center.gcode.
its simply no start…

yeh, the SD card needs to be formatted each time, the manual doesnt say this, but it is common knowledge for Moai users.


  • 1st time - do a FULL FORMAT at FAT32 first.

  • Create a directory called “gcode”

  • copy your gcode onto SD card

  • Eject the card properly using OS, dont just pull it out

  • Print

  • for the next prints, doing a simple “Quick Format” will be fine. But you must create a folder called “gcode” in the card.

  • also do not use too long file name with non english characters.

NOTE: do not print the 200-cross-center.gcode. with resin. it is meant to be a visual test only without resin…

@3DAkademie sorry for taking this one late
let’s sum up the steps here as i find that you are still a bit confusing

  1. the Moai 200 comes as pre-assembled and pre-calibrated, so it’s more of a plug-and-play machine
  2. Calibrations steps are for those who knows what they are doing, or was recommended by technical support. The calibration has 2 parts
    2a. calibration without resin:
    this is the center-cross file and circle-test file, the center cross is the show the center of the Moai, while the circle is to show the size distortion
    2b. calibration with resin:
    this is the DIY-test gcode for leveling and the Asura cross for matching Asura software’s dimension to your Moai
  3. All documents for Moai 200 has it’s own section and it can all be found in Moai wiki:

@johnchen i’m assuming he’s mistaking 200-cross-center.gcode to a model file
the right question here should be “do you see the laser firing”
@3DAkademie the 200-leveling-pegs.gcode, did you want until the print finishes? is there any cured resin on the vat or the build plate?

laser works fine, check out his video.

It just looks like the typical SD card stuck on layer one issue.

Reformat and follow the steps I wrote and he should be fine.

Hey Thank for help,

i try my Problem simple write.

I start now the 200-leveling-pegs.gcode.
This is after 2 Hr comming out! -> No Errors

It same Trouble like on 200-cross-center.gcode (NO LASER GOES ON!)
For Information the 200-cross-center.gcode Works well same SD Card! (see Video)

reformat your SD card as @johnchen suggested above with steps
before starting a new print. check for cured resin on the build plate and in the vat and remove them

also after Formating the SD card running the Print,

now troubleshooting on the Print.
see Image

increase the z reset position by 2 and try again, please have the measurements for all of them as well