New Laser Spot produces Trash

Hi Peopoly Support

I’ve received my replacement Laser 20 days ago. It was a dream to print again - and now after 20 days (!!) the Laser Spot again looks more ugly than my old one. The prints fails and fails in a row.

I’ve made two videos for you. One with installed Laser and the second one i took the Laser outside and pointed to a paper. You can see that the problem comes from the Laser

Here it is installed in the Printer

Here it is pointed to a paper

I am sorry if my words sounds salty, but i am disappointed. Please tell me, why after 20 days of printing the Laser is already garbage - and how i come now to a replacement.

Thank you & Best Regards


Possible to sort that out before you go to holiday on 1st of October?

Hi @Sascha_Sommer,
i’ve replied you through your email, we will continue this thread there

can you tell me what the solution to this was? I am having the same problem and am on my second laser. Good thing is I believe I know what causes the problem. Is there any way to refine the laser point? I am having blow out or a diffused laser issue that needs to be resolved.
Thank you

I have installed yesterday the second new laser and it works again. Tvere is no possibility (for me) to open and repair the laser. Looks like a faulty batch of laser i got.

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