NEW Heavy Duty Z - Axis RELEASED!


Hey all! We have a new add-on for the Moai / Moai 130! A Heavy Duty Z Axis!!

You all saw @ matt3o Post his Pre-Release Model.

“But Peopoly, Why would I ever want that? Why does it have Wheels? Does it make my prints better?”

I am so glad you asked!!! I know there might be a lot of questions, I’ll list a few answers:

  • Minimize any left/right movement, especially for large full volume print

  • Easy to Install, no modification to the existing frame needed

  • Does not lose any build volume

-For the size and build of the Moai/Moai 130 rails are a bit overkill for this, Wheels has been tested and works just fine for the intended purpose.

  • This works with the Moai and the Moai 130!

The heavy duty z-axis set is not a fix or an essential upgrade. It is for users who print large items and want maximum stability. It is heavy and rock solid.

Regular $120 usd. $99 USD during special launch until end of June!

Find it Here:

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@peopoly Could you clarify if the issues brought up in the pre-production unit have been addressed - and how? I am talking about the issues here: New official (pre-release) heavy duty Z-axis



This is like a basic thing that should been on the initial unit. It’s like this new thing that cost extra will make the Moai operate like we originally expected it to ?

or am I thinking about this the wrong way? I think it’s a great mechanism for sure.

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this is optional @SuperDave, we have been working on it since some users really want to have the z-axis upgrade to reduce wobbling in prints



Maybe it should be a free upgrade for people who have had constant issues with wobble! I think matt3o is great, but why let someone test your product that has mentioned doesn’t actually have an issue with wobble??? I am just really surprised you didn’t have somebody test this unit who has actually had this issue?! I have had to receive multiple parts and been with customer service multiple times trying to fix my wobble problems. I finally took it upon myself to create a solution that was cheap and will hopefully work for anyone having this issue (tripod). Something a general consumer shouldn’t have to do!!

You guys say that this is not a “fix” but only for those that print larger volumes… so you’re saying your machine can’t do that out of the box??
Sorry I think the moai could be a great machine but I worry about some of the customers support and practices. Basically this is obviously something my machine could benefit from but I refuse to give you money for it. Fix peoples machine who have the issue first and then allow people to pay for it if they want it.



Sounds like a nice inexpensive upgrade to me. While I don’t have wobble in my prints, I don’t mind at all spending some money to make prints possibly even better. Thanks for making it available Peopoly.



Hi GIDEONkjv I am sorry that you are having those feelings. It is very cool that you made your own mod to contribute to the community, there have been many mods made for a lot of different printers over the years and it is nice to see the tradition being carried on in the good ol’ RepRap fashion. As for the feelings you have with our release; Many of the original z-axis has been in the field printing for well over a year. Half of the users running production and many making a large print (like @Model3D or @BlueDinos ) The design was solid. There are, however, some individual z-axis that is not manufactured as well as we like them and we have replaced some (about 5) over the past 2 years usually just for the bent lead screw. If you have an issue with your current z-axis, let’s discuss.

So with that, we have listened to those that wanted it then made it available to everyone. That is not saying the Moai is not capable of printing full volume. It is simply here for those who would like it. It is a beast and way overkill for the Moai/Moai 130. This is likely enough to handle Moai 200’s peel force. It is not needed to get great prints.

Please let us know if you have any further feedback. Your Mod looks really nice by the way, we all are enjoying it.



“If I am having issues with my z-axis lets discuss”… Are you serious? I have replaced multiple parts in my Moai with the help from matterhackers. I have discussed on here at length with the community and you guys as well about issues with wobbly prints. The only thing that has not been done is a complete replacement of my z-axis. My main driving force behind the Tripod was to “FIX” the issue I was having after multiple failures dealing with support. I realized that if this machine was going to be of ANY use to me as a jeweler that I was going to have to take it upon myself to fix it. To some people the Tripod is a “mod” that helps them get better prints. For me and some others it has been a “FIX” for a broken z-axis that produces unusable prints! Its very important for me to make that as clear as possible!

With that all said, I will repeat what I said earlier…I wont be paying (and neither should anyone else) for for something that would likely fix their wobble issues. I will also repeat… it sure would have been nice for someone to test this who legitimately had issues with z-wobble!

I would also like to say… z-axis wobble/lines is a slightly bigger issue than you guys make it out to be. There are quite a few companies producing products with beefed up z-axis (even if it means just using a ball screw) to alleviate this issue. When you are trying to produce fine details… anything mucked up in your z-axis can have a negative effect.



Hello Jason,

I agree with you completely.

The construction of the Z-axis of the Moai / Moai 130 is a construction error according to all the rules of design.


A spindle (here trapezoidal spindle) is designed for positioning the spindle nut in one direction. The spindle can and may only absorb forces in one direction, namely in the longitudinal direction (axially). More linear bearings are now to support the carriage with the spindle nut so that the forces occurring are led away from the spindle nut to the frame.

In Moai mainly tensile forces and eccentric load torques occur on the building board. An average load can accommodate the two linear slide. If a torque is added, it is already borderline.

Now the spindle is installed in front of the linear bearings. The lines of force so first hit the spindle and load this completely inadmissible, which then reacts with deflection. In addition, the sheet is much too weak under the linear axes and not torsionally stiff.



I agree it seems as though they don’t want to admit that there is an issue or that any problems could be related to the design. It’s like selling people a gas tank that doesn’t explode like the ones that come with the car and saying “this gas tank has nothing to do with any flaws in the gas tank, it’s just for people that want to treat themselves to something extra!”

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