New Firmware for Phenom, L and Nor

New Firmware updated for Phenom / Phenom L and Phenom Noir.

This improves peel performance, print speed and making it compatible with the new Chitubox 1.9 and Pro CTB file format

Please visit the Peopoly support page and select the right guide for your printer type:


I’ve sent an email looking for help. I attempted to update the firmware on my Phenom L and started with Update.LCD and now the machine has no response. I left it for hours hoping it would come back. Power cycling only causes the beeping tones and then stops. I used the proper firmware for this machine and verified it again was the right one. I cannot use the machine at all. How can I revert of fix this firmware failure?

Did you turn off the power during the firmware update process? Cause the firmware update to fail

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No, it went straight to that without me doing anything. Didn’t even get a chance to hit confirm. I did get it resolved and working already by putting it back to the 2.11 Firmware. It took a few times of doing so to get it to work though.

This usually happens only when the power is suddenly cut when the new firmware is updated. Return to the old version of the firmware, and then update again. Did your new firmware update successfully?

My update worked fine, except that it said that the LCD Firmware is the same as the one currently installed. The rest worked flawlessly.

The power for sure didn’t cut off. I hit the play button and before I could hit confirm on the pop up it began the beeping. I was able to get it back to the previous firmware after a few tries and then update to the newest one successfully.


Have you put the USB Stick into the printer after booting or before booting?

I put mine into the printer before booting it beeped a few times but that was all and that I did the flashing.

J’ai fait la mise a jours du firmware de ma phenom noir et il fonctionne très bien avec Chitubox pro,
il faut juste décompresser les 4 fichiers sur une clef usb à sa racine, (ne pas les laisser dans un dossier, certainement pour pour le fichier “update.LCD” il doit impérativement se trouver à la racine de votre clef usb) et suivre la procédure décrite sur le site de téléchargement:

a) extra the 4 files to USB drive root director
b) flash update.LCD first by printing it, it will reboot
c) then flash PhenomNoir.gcode by printing it. once it is finished. power off, wait for few
seconds before turning it on.
d) then flash PhenomNoir-UI.bin by printing it
e) finally, flash FPGA_211.CBD by printing it

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Just a tip for those of us who have trouble updating to the latest firmware on the NOIR.

I had the problem that everything updated fine except for the update.LCD file.

After pressing print>update.LCD -> followed by the PLAY button, the Noir would for a very short time display the message “Update firmware?” -> CONFIRM (button). But after 1 second the screen would go black and the Noir would (try to) reboot. But with the USB stick inserted into the USB port, the Noir would never boot up again. Removing the USB stick from the USB port, and switching the machine off and on, made the machine boot up normally again, but the LCD update had not been processed.

Solution: When I used a less fancy USB stick for the update, everything worked fine…
After pressing pint>update.LCD the Noir would reboot and beep for 5 or 6 times while doing so. (Is that normal behavior?) After that the Noir booted up normally.

To be more precise: For me the 32 Gb Scandisk USB 3.0 stick caused the Noir to not be able to update the update.LCD file. Changing to a very low cost no-name (slow) USB (2.0) stick solved the issue.

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