New FEP Vat Question

I am upgrading to the FEP vat and it looks really scratched up does it have a protective film that needs to be removed? Also the gasket is bulging out in several places and sunken in elsewhere. Do I need to reassemble it to reseat the gasket? I ordered it from Matterhackers assembled already.

There is some dust on the first picture.

Close up of gasket.

I’ve tested the seal of the gasket using distilled water. It holds. Still unsure about if it has a protective film to remove.

Afaik, the gasket bulging out “inside” is normal (it is squeezed and thus deforms a bit)

Did a little on mine, a bit less now since I replaced the FEP it came with but it doesn’t seem to affect prints.

As far as I’m aware the FEP vats do not have protective films.

I am not sure about how the vat is delivered, but for the acrylic plate, there is a protective film (at least when bought separately, not sure for the whole thing): on the “FEP side” (rounded edges), there is a film that MUST BE LEFT IN PLACE, and on the other side (sharp edges), there is a protective film that can (should?) be removed