New Cura Moai Edition for Windows and OSX

New Cura Moai Edition updated. It has latest profiles and codes baked in. And now we have OSX version as well.

For Windows users, it is best to uninstall the previous version, delete all the files in C:\Users\”user”\AppData\Roaming\cura before installing

Is Cura Moai Edition just packed with moai profiles or is the code different in any way? If that is the case where can we check the code? I’d love to compile a linux version if possible. Thanks!

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So are the profiles now just named fine, extra fine and maximum quality. I thought they were meant to have a date attached to the name so you knew which was the latest. Thanks

The built-in profiles now appear to be the latest and greatest, but just to be safe I still installed the other profiles and am currently using them.

the latest are baked in and Cura always call them by fine, extra fine and so forth. Github will always have the latest and you can use that to be on the safe side.

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I just installed new Cura after uninstalling the old one and deleting the appropriate folder. It is stuck slicing. It says “Slicing…” in the lower right, but the bar has not been moving for a while. It is not a large print and before it was slicing the same thing in seconds. Is anyone else having this problem?

Ive noticed a much longer slicing time but it does seem to still manage to do it for me. Are you using the built-in profiles or the ones obtained from github? Also, if using windows, did you delete the items from the AppData folder prior to the new install?

Built in. I guess I should give the github ones a shot. And yes, I deleted the cura AppData folder before installing.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Cura and everything is working again. Must have corrupted one of the files or something before. Glad its working now :slight_smile:

I am confused about the versions of cura. I just deinstalled 2.6.3 Moai Edition with the latest profiles, to install that one that is linked in the support. this version is cura Moai Edition? so we go back to older Version of Cura?

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are the profiles (from 2017-08-12) are included in version or do I allso import them manually?

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Hi Mark, could you please help out with version numbers of the cura Moai editions?

1 Like is the latest and has all the latest profile

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ok thanks a lot Mark

we need some linux love banner

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We haven’t forget about linux and the build is proved to be more difficult.

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thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Let the community help you! Release the source code! :smiley:

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i have the source code for cura 2.7.0 but not 2.6.11