Need Ring rest print help


Hi thank you for the add. I’m new to moai. Just received my printer a couple days ago and can’t get the ring to print. The 4 corner towers printed successfully at about 10.4 m, but I cannot get the ring to print. The ring test print ends up with a thin layer stuck on the build plate and an equal layer in the vat. First ring print was at laser power 59 and second was 57 and they both came out the same way.

I assume my build plate is level since the towers print.

Please help me. Should I change the z height some more or play with the laser power ? Here are my current settings.


Some Problems with the testcube and moai 200 calibration

The pilars should be around 10.7-10.8. Your build plate is pushing to hard on the vat.

Please try to lower the z-reset position or relevel the machine from the beginning.

Do you have the Easy-to-level build plate or the original plate? Silicone or FEP vat?

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I’ll try raising my build plate. Thanks. I’m using the original plate with fep vat. I kept having issues tightening the four screws on the easy one. Couldn’t keep them level therefore all 4 towers wouldn’t print. When I switched to the original I can print all 4.



with FEP vat, keep the PM motor speed at 10 or lower, too much peel force on the FEP would cause failure

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