Dear Peopoly team and community here.

I own actually 4 Phenom NOIR printers for testing, soon more. Want to print about 100.000 small pieces per year. For this i developed my own professional resin which works very well. As software is use Formware3D.

My only problem:

When i want to print larger parts, e.g. a circle with 1-2 inch diameter … when the plate goes down, the resin is pressed out of the objects near to the VAT. And exactly when the resin is still in flow … the light goes on. This is a big problem, because the layers are not curred perfect.

I drive very slow down, e.g. with only 10-20 mm/min, but in the last millimeter the printer overrides my speed setting and drives to the curring-position with its own speed, thats much faster than the speed i chosen. But the goal of mass production is SPEED … i want to lower the Z-axis with 100 mm/min … then wait for 1-2 seconds that the resin flow stops … then curring.

Because of this, it would be so important, that i can use a LIGHT-DELAY before the light goes on. In G-Code this would be G4 P{light_delay};. But G-Code is not supported / transfered to this printer with CBDDLP (v2).

The normal DELAY (off time between layers) is no option for this, because its AFTER curring.

Is it possible to create a delay BEFORE curring (light-on)?

Thanks for your help.

Final light-off time = maximum value (total time of Z-axis up and down movement, light-off delay time). For example,total Z-axis up down movement cycle is 6 seconds,
If “light-off delay” is set to 10 seconds,final light-off time is 10 seconds.
If “light-off delay” is set to 1 second, final light-off time is 6 seconds.

So if you set the light off delay a longer time than the up- and down-cycle of the printer, the remaining time will be light off while the plate is lowered.
You can calculate the cycle duration with the values in your settings, and add the time you want the lights off while the plate is not moving. The sum is the value you need to put into the light of delay field.

thanks for sharing your observation. we will discuss with Chitubox on this firmware improvement

We also are trying to bring Noirs online for a business and found the same issue. We are using the light off delay function but a light ON delay would really be a cleaner solution along with some guidance as to when and how to use it (ie more viscus resins, larger cross sectional area.)