Need help with Peopoly Tough Resin!


How do I post process the tough resin?

The only thing I’ve seen is “parts need to be submerged in water and cured under a lamp for 30 mins”

Can you/should you clean parts with IPA?
Can you/should you clean parts with Water?

Are you meant to put it in a cup or something and then put it under a UV lamp?

Are you meant to soak it in water and then cure it under a lamp?

Also, is 51 the correct laser power? I’ve seen 51, 54, 58 from different people. Just got it from matter hackers so I assume it’s the latest version.



you can clean the access resin stick on the model with IPA
for curing put the model in a bowl water and place the lamp on top, make sure it’s all in side of a box or some kind, UV lights is not safe to direct eye contact


it is 51 based on exposure sheet. You can use 52 if needed and increase infill to 80 or 90% to increase print success rate as it is a bit more flexible. clean is just the same as model resin. Alcohol wash + UV post-curing submerged in water for best effects


Thanks! I tried 51 but got a lot of layer separation, 53 seems to be working well for me without over curing with 28-30c resin.

I am loving the results by the way! Works really well for my application. Any tips on what to use to die it a different color? Ideally grey or black?


The color will greatly affect how a resin cures. We don’t recommend black, and if you need black, just prime it. Lighter colors that are translucent should be ok but you will likely to need to increase laser power to 54 or higher. We made it transparent because some applications require seethrough. What type of applications are you using it for?


What do you mean by prime it ?
I too had a few things i needed in black however your “black” resin is Blue …
So im interested how to get a print to black ?


it just mean spraying color on the model

the pigments may condensed at the bottom of the bottle, make sure you stir the resin well before printing


what the support said. priming is spray print. This is especially if you want solid dark or very white color. Solid deep black or white are the hardest colors to print.