Need Help With Calibration


I just trying to calibrate my new MOAI 200 and have a few questions:

I tied a circle calibration and it was slightly off. (about a 0.5 cm) So I began to try manual advance calibration and did a calibration with a cross.

  1. I matched the cross to be exactly at the center of the circle (it was just cross, not like on the screenshot that is shown in the calibration manual)

  2. Then I loaded the circle calibration and it was again slightly off. (I would like to add that there is only one big circle tracing and there is no trace of the small one.)

Should I manually try to calibrate it with the screw? Or should I approach the 1 step differently? I was wondering if I should manually adjust the paper to best match the circle in step 2 but then the first step would have the sense so I left it as it was after step 1.

I would appreciate any help!


the Moai 200 is setup to print out of the box.

is the printer working / printing? If so I would leave it. get familiar with the printing process, then worry about calibration after.

Thanks John. I was going through the manually this is why I tried to do as it says :wink:

I didn’t print anything yet but will do as you said :slight_smile: Thanks!

So I shouldn’t be worried about leveling either, right?


ideally your first print should be the ring test,

the only thing to adjust is the laser power for your particular resin.

ring test will only require a small amount of resin, so make sure you turn your heater on for 20min before printing, or use a hair dryer to quickly warm up the resin.

make sure you really shake the resin for 1 min before pouring.

if you are successful with the ring print, move onto something a bit bigger, but dont go too crazy with the model, keep it simple and organic and get used to using Asura for supports and slicing.

Its all about building confidence and experience with the Moai 200, too many users jump too far ahead without understanding the basics and cause all sort of problems for themselves.

This is what happened to me, I thought I was well experienced with the moai 130, and jumped too quickly ahead and got super frustrated.

Start small, learn how to prep your model and get familiar with the printer then go BIG.

This was a recent print from my Moai 200. Full build height :slight_smile:

If the ring test fails, take a photo of the failed print and your printer settings and report back…

WOW! Crazy print! Where can I get a model ^^?

I will take your advice and start small :slight_smile: Thank you for being such a help for me.

Lastly, can you tell me how to measure the temperature of the resin?

I see in the doc of the form 2 printer that it has a temperature counter but with MOAI you should use something for measurement or use your sense and brain :wink: ?

the model is one of my own, but you can find ecorche models online pretty easily, just need to spend the time to make them printable.

The Moai heater has inbuilt sensor, or you can use a temperature gun,

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Great! So really well done sculpting :slight_smile:

that’s actually quite big, adjust the circle using the screws on the galvo circuit board

After the center test and circle test, print the ring test-gcode to see how the laser cures your resin
DIY-test for leveling is optional on Moai 200 since we pre-level it

Okay thanks!

But to be clear - Do I have to adjust anything on the step 1 with cross test? It is just a cross and I’m always able to match the center of the circle on the paper with it.

I would leave it for now and continue on with print tests. like Ive mentioned dont tweak any hardware / electronics until you run into problems printing.
Adjusting these will most likely throw off your level, which will set off a chain of other issues you will run into, as a new user this is hard to diagnose and fix.

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no need to adjust anything with step 1, if it matched the center, leave it, even the size of the cross, it would change with the circle test

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Okay, thanks for the help! I will leave it as it is for now and come back when needed :wink:

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