Need help choosing resin that doesn't scratch easy


So far all resin i’ve tried can be easily scratched with my fingernail. I’m trying to create snap-fit/screw-on parts that will not leave plastic dust and dont need to be sprayed with a clear coat. I like the formlabs durable resin but is too expensive and also would like something more transparent. So far i haven’t seen any reviews or youtube videos featuring any of the resins im currently looking into so please leave a link or personal opinion on the resins below or others. Thanks

Want to try: Peoploly Nex HiTemp, Peopoly Tough, Phrozen, MakerJuice SF, Somos NeXt, Envisiontec

Tried: Peopoly model resin, Peopoly Tough, Spot-HT, Formlabs Durable

I just need clarity and abrasion resistance, strength isn’t super important if cost is better
Id like it to be close to $100 per kg


i would recommend Peopoly tough resins
Hi-temp is better for modeling and scriptures


Thank you, will do! Just wanted to be absolutely sure because of some mixed information out there.


tough would be your best bet for surface not easily scratched. Nex(Hitemp) has high hardness but may get scratched