Need for Consolidated Troubleshooting Guide



I have been a lurker in this forum for a while. When I find an issue with my printer, I search through topics until I find what I need. Often times, I find someone with a similar problem but there is no reply or no solution given. I would be willing to pay someone $50 to compile a list of ways a print can fail or have errors in the form of pictures, then describe for each listing the possible causes of error, as I have already lost around $150 and days of time to preventable issues.

For example, I had an issue similar to this post and finally found out after one week of troubleshooting on my own that my galvo mirror had a spot. I just so happened to have formlab’s galvo mirror cleaning cloth that came with their finishing kit, so I made a swab out of it and some 1.75mm printer filament, then swabbed the mirrors clean with IPA. Fingers crossed it works. The thread does not show any details of troubleshooting or anything.

Another frustration I’ve encountered is having to look through numerous threads titled something like “Failed print help” to find the information I need.

TL:DR I am even willing to pay for someone to compile a list of problems and potential solutions linked to guides on how to execute these solutions. It looks like peopoly started here: but it is incomplete.

John Taylor Novak



we started here Common problems, simple solutions



Just submitted a reply to that thread with this issue. I will keep adding as I remember issues from the past.