Need a help with Changing fap film!

I saw a video on peopoly77304611_10220174115814322_2761475237580111872_n 79413661_10220174115894324_2490705118962384896_n YouTube channel but it’s far from a good … there is only partially shown where you already replaced the fap and screws the upper part.

I detached all the parts and Worry that I will damage something. Should I take all the parts off ? Can I clean them all separately with the ethanol?

Should I be aware of anything when I detaches all the parts ?

  • the silicon seal can be removed and cleaned with IPA & paper towel
  • the glass plate should be spray with IPA and polish to clear with Microfibre GENTLY.
  • the top FEP sheet can be removed and new one added.
  • the four LONG screws go in the middle for the last set of tensioners.

It is similar process for moai 130, this video is clearer.

Thanks Jonh, I apprecitae youir help ! As always :wink:

Okay so later, when I’m not worried there is another issue … I separated everything and fep film seems to look good to me (there is just a lot of scratches) but it looks like the silicon got more issue than the fep.

Can I remove the silicon from the plate (its seams like it is attached very well - how can I connect it back together?)

If the fep is okay can I leave it as it is? Or should I worry about small holes that can cause the resin to drill through?

Thanks for the help !

if there is a hole in the top FEP you NEED to replace it.

scratches like that is OK, but you need to use soft silicon tool and microfibre cloth in future,

paper towels will scratch it.

the silicon is fine, it will get squashed between the fep and tensioner.

you have the advanced plate, the silicon and top sheet and glass are created together, to my knowledge you can not replace just the silicon . if you take care not to scratch it during cleaning this layer should last a long time and you only need to replace the top FEP from time to time.

Yes , It’s advance plate and there is a thin layer (don’t know what that is) attached to PDMS and between those two are small air bubbles - this is why I was so confused about the process. It fits all really well together so should I leave it as it is and just clean the fep?

yeh, that is all one single assembly, just clean that carefully and replace the clear FEP that is attached to the vat.

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Okay John, thanks! Now I’m ready to go :wink:

omg I just realized that the plastic rim has broken… Can IU glue it together or I have to order to new one :confounded: ?

glue it back and you are back in action, the plastic rim acts as a spacer and add extra tension to the FEP

doh! you can try to glue it back, but I would see if Peopoly can send you one as well,

you should also order extra silicon seal, that tends to deform with time.

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I will message them and ask for silicone seal as well :slight_smile: Thank you John and happy printing !

Since the plastic spacer is the user’s fault, so there won’t be any replacement for it, you would have to purchase a new one if you want
the same goes to the silicone seal, we do have 1 year warranty but the seal won’t deform that fast

I understand it Peopoly :wink: Just order the new one!