My thoughts on the Phenom, Photon, and resin

My first 3d printer was a FlashForge Dreamer. It was cool for awhile, then I got an Anycubic Photon which is amazing. I have had it for over a year now and LOVE it. And, I just got a Phenom.

I used up 3 liters of resin and am never going back. I’m trying to justify buying another one, just to speed up my printing.

I do have a few small complaints about the Phenom. The build plate on the Photon is pyramid shaped allowing the excess resin to drip off into the trough. The Phenom’s build plate is flat and holds resin. After the print I let it drip for an hour or so, then I unclip the plate and hold it sideways so the excess resin on the top drips into the tray.

The Phenom is slower than the Photon, but that is mainly exposure time. Not much that can be done about that.

I put the Phenom together and got perfect prints from the start. I never even had to adjust the build plate. But, a printed manual with full set-up instructions would be nice.

I had been using the Anycubic slicer, and now I’m using Chitubox. There are some issues with that slicer - I’m thinking of switching to Cura.

I bought 3 liters of Deft resin and it was good, but expensive.

When I ran out I tried using some Anycubic resin and nothing sticks to the buildplate. I tried adjusting settings, but it didn’t help. I’m trying Siraya Tech resin next. It has good reviews here and is only $35 a liter.

Overall, I’d like 2 more.

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thanks for the feedback. We do have a full Setup Guide:

but whatever is lacking let us know.

The tapered plate is now released. There is also printable add-on for plate.

We highly recommend you upgrade to firmware 2.9 and use chitubox 1.6.4 beta version.

Can you supply more information on where to buy/print the angled plate/adapters?

it is on

the printable can be found on FB group for Phenom

You cannot use Cura with the Phenom, just with the Moai.

As for chitubox, what issues are you having?

I’ve tried the Beta Version 1.6.4, although it has some nice improvements, it also has alot of bugs, so watch out while you are using it, and be sure to save the project often because it crashes often.

My honest advice would be to use the 1.6.2 version, i’ve tested from 1.5 through 1.6.4 and 1.6.2 seems to be the more bug free stable version.

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a printed setup guide include with the printer would be nice. And, in the future, I hope the angled build plate will be the one included with the printer.

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My issues with Chitubox are:

  1. sometimes when I move an item the item will stick and the plate will move. I don’t mean when I start clicking that the plate moves, but rather when I am moving the item it will stop and the plate moves instead.

  2. when I click “slice” sometimes there is a pause before it slices, and sometimes it just does not slice. If it needs to “warm up” to the slice, some sort of “waiting to slice” message would be nice.

  3. both slicing and saving take a long time and it would be good if saving/slicing was a single operation, or an option “Slice” or “Slice and save”

  4. I can never open a cbddlp file. They are always too big. A preview feature would be nice, since that is usually all I need to reopen a file for anyway.

  5. this might be a problem with my computer more than the software, but the more items I add to the printer the slower and more buggy it gets.

  6. there are options for “load Project” and “save project” but not for “new project” which means, you have to delete all items for a clear plate, which takes longer than simply starting a new project, and if you save a project, clear the plate, and do another project but if you forget to change the name you might overwrite the previous one by accident.