My rudimentary calibration technique

Here is something I came up with when printing supposedly round objects would come out slightly oval.

Take a coin and measure it’s diameter (25.14)

Create an object using like the one below with an interior diameter slightly larger than the coin’s diameter.

Print it on the center of the platform.

If you can put the coin into the center with no gaps or play, then your “X Size” and “Y Size” settings are spot on. If not, adjust them accordingly.

Works great for me!

Hello, so you printed the ring flat on the build plate, no supports? Also, is the wheel Nex gray?

After a second look I see it’s on the build plate. I’m having some serious issues with round parts myself. If the ring prints out of round, what adjustments would you make? I’m not real familiar with the do’s and don’t’s of the settings.

Resin in Anycubic Gray.

If your “circle” is elongated along the X axis (door to back of Moai) adjust the “X Size” setting. Same for elongation along the Y axis (left to right of Moai) then you adjust the “Y Size” setting.

Thank you, appreciate the info. I did use your test ring. The ring turned out fine but smaller then the dimensions plugged into Asura. I ran a couple of other circular items with the same results. All were about 0.6mm smaller once printed. I hope this is just a setting issue.

Adjusting the X and/or Y Size settings should fix it.

Thank you, I’ll try that.