My Moai is built and ready to calibrate but

Hello, I am new to 3d printing. I still can’t get over the fact that I actually have one sitting on the table in my home. The first 3d print that I saw was many years ago and it cast as much as a house lol.

I got my Peopoly Moai a week ago. I wasn’t expecting it to be delivered for another month. Matterhackers told me that it was on back order. Just a few days after I recieved the email about the back order the printer was on my porch. By this time I had read many post on this forum and read all of the manuals and of course I watched the YouTube video series by Chris Russell. So I had a pretty good Idea what to expect.

I put it together in a few hours following the online manual. The only surprise was the SD reader which was different than the one in the pictures that I have seen. Instead of plugging the SD reader directly into the other board it has a grey flat cable that connects the reader to the board. There is also a red line running along one side of this cable. This cable is similar to what used to connect my hard drive to the MB on my old computers.

So I started the printer and it boots up fine. It go’s through all the things its supposed to do, tilt, z limit, Moai is ready to print. I adjusted the setting as recommended then I put the SD card in and click print. I get Select Folder and nothing else. After turning the selection knob No SD appears in red under Select Folder. I read many post about the infamous SD reader problems so I went back and reformatted the SD card using the software recommended by Peopoly. I copied all of the files back onto the SD card and tried again. But no dice again. One last thing I thought. I went and reformatted again but this time I just put a folder called gcode and in it I put only the laser calibration gcode. Still the same No SD message. Does anyone know what the orientation of that ribbon cable is supposed to be? I just plugged it in with the red line running along the same side facing the right side of the printer. Its on the right side coming out of the top of the SD reader and its still on the right side when it plugs into the other card. One last thing that I tried was getting a new SD card. Again I formatted and copied the gcode into the gcode folder and again No SD. :slightly_frowning_face:

Now here I am another victim of the faulty SD reader. I sent a email to Matterhackers and I’m sure that they will be able to make this right. It sucks having to wait some more before I can really get into the fun stuff. Not that building it wasn’t fun lol.

Well I hope to be back with better news soon until then I guess I’ll go to Thingiverse and dream some more.


start your 3D printing journey with a SLA machine would means lots of catching up to do
the SD card solution would apply if you have a different file printed or printing multiple files
In your case, your SD card in not even read, do contact Matterhackers but also check the SD card reader pins and connections in the mean time

Thanks for your suggestion. I sent a email to MatterHackers yesterday and I’m waiting to hear back from them. I looked at the SD card reader but I didn’t notice any broken connections. I did not take the board that the reader plugs into off to inspect it yet but I will do it tonight just to rule that out.


Good News, I received a new SD card reader from I got it in 2 days. I put it in and fired the printer up. Success! The reader works and I was able to run the Glavo test. I’m so relieved that the new reader worked. I have read more than a few post about this issue in this forum and I was afraid that I may have got a bad printer or that this was going to be a chronic problem with the reader. So far this is not the case and I’m now looking forward to start printing soon.

A tip of the hat to who were very helpful and prompt with their support. They told me that they were undergoing a major warehouse move and things may be a bit slower but this was not the case for me.


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