My Moai 130 Projects

I’ve had my Moai 130 for about 6 months. I have other FDM printers but this been my first SLA printer. I love the detail I’ve been able to get compared to my other printers.
I’ve learned a lot by being on the forum and wanted to share some of the projects I’ve been doing.
My workflow usually consists of hollowing out models in Meshmixer to 1mm thick with solid accuracy and mesh density level of 512. I then add supports in Asura. Usually this is done by hand. Tedious but worth it…
Tip Size .75
Trunk Size 1.5
Branch Size 1.2
Head Extend 2.5
Z-Offset 3.0
Bottom Size 2.5
Base Thickness 1.0
Density 5.0
Angle 45.0

Here’s and Eiffel Tower from Thingiverse. Plain Model Gray and another with an airbrush coat of Gunmetal. I really like the way the paint makes the details pop.

Here’s a series of models from All hollowed to 1mm and printed at about 90mm as opposed to the 30mm they sell them at.
Printed with Model Gray and sprayed with gray primer.

This is an Alien I got off The Alien is printed in 7 pieces all hollowed to 1mm. Superglued together and painted. The base is from my FDM printer and the XENOMORPH label is off the Moai.

Finally another Alien from 9 pieces, hollowed, glued and painted.