Must Have Tools


I got this tip from a @Yashua post linked below.

I wanted to start a topic for miscellaneous tools that might be helpful in sla printing. I picked up one of these rubber squeegee’s and it works real well. I store it inside the printer with some paper towel in the side channel.

Continuing the discussion from Vat cleaning and care:

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Nice idea. I am still waiting on my printer to show up, but I am trying to gather useful tools, as well. I bought a simple UV lamp from amazon that can be laid on its side to aid with curing.


for german Amazon


Always striving for a better cure and it seems this was super cheap and I ended up with a very powerful cure container.

Ouch my eyes! so bright the light wants to escape and go everywhere!

Tape you might want to crinkle the tape up a little as you apply to give the light places to bounce around and what not.

ended up with a excessive extra but for the price it’s good to have extra around.

they can be daisy chained but 1 was enough for me, i even bought a second and third thinking i might need them.

only thing missing is a good quality adapter that can supply enough current which most of us already have laying around. :slight_smile: buckets can be found on amazon but MUCH cheaper in-store mine was 9$

this bucket will work if you just want to order everything it’s just missing a lid but who cares it’s just a lid. :smiley: enjoy! that’s 52.63 not including the lid and power adapter but keep in mind you will have tape for days after this haha and the cure volume is well worth it for the price.


here is another a very common scrapper we use to get prints off glass, you need to be careful with this one because it will destroy your vat it’s mostly used to get prints away from the build surface it’s a little small for that but Stanley makes the best products and razers and easy to stick by them.

here is a longer one i ordered but haven’t tested yet


I ordered a pickle storage container with a basket (linked below) for rinsing prints. I’ve ordered the small one.

Update I can verify the Lock&Lock is made out of Polypropylene (PP) so chemical resistance to alcohol is good. The seal good but with heavy agitation (shaking) it can seep slightly.

This is another one I found listed but I don’t have any experience with it.


I find these to be very handy to keep your resin clean and it is the best deal I have found.

Resin Filter Process
4 cylinder corners when leveling the vat look a bit scewed







Finally I got time to build my UV Chamber. I took the electronics from a nail curing lamp and I changed the original lamps to 405 nm led lamps (6 x 9w). I submerge the objects in a water filled glass jar that stands on a rotating disk on the bottom of the chamber to speed up the curing process.


I use an ammo box to store my alcohol. I place a plastic bowl in it, fill that with alcohol and wash away. The splashing is caught by the ammo box where I can reclaim it. It also seals it to avoid smell and evaporation.

This is a decent priced one that is often on sale:


I found this cheap strainer on Amazon:

The handle will certainly break. Mine arrived broken. But that is an advantage.
Take one of those disposable food containers you get at the deli. Cut a hole in the top that matches the strainer’s diameter. Place the screen-filter into the hole. The handle would only get in the way.

Also, consider a small rubber spatula to clean off the build plate and reclaim some resin:

I like the stainless steel handle. Cleans quickly.


I use wide-mouthed 64 ounce ball jars. The sealable canning lids keep the alcohol and Yellow Magic 7 solution from evaporating and allow easy swirling and decanting. The downside is that they are glass, but that also means that they don’t react or rust. Also, they are relatively easy to clean afterwards.

What I am looking for, however, is a source of cheap plastic pickle jars. I want to absorb the liquid waste (used EtOH and Yellow Magic solution) into cat litter for solid waste disposal. Any thoughts?