Multiple listings


Here are two places that redundantly list settings information (there are others that use images):[]=firmware

I recommend picking one and adding a reference to it from the other. That will make maintenance much easier and avoid confusion.

Firmware 1.18 on Wiki (and FB) official?

thanks, we are editing out the current now.


I know you people are busy but i found the website hard to navigate for important info and spent two hours trying to find the new firmware.
Can you clean up the hodge podge settings, lists, guides and links that miss inform and confuse things.
Eg; 1.18 link sent me to a 1.16 update page making me think id clicked on the wrong one but its because someone hadnt changed the 6 to an 8… all of 2 seconds.
All in the name of efficiency thanks


hi Maclcolm,

Thanks for pointing out. We are centralizing all info in The firmware documents are updated thanks to you.