Moving MOAI with car 15 kilometers


Hi, all
After 4 months @ home I have to move the MOAI in the lab in my shop , as far Mrs. is probably going to dump us both me and the printer on the street soon :slight_smile:
I need advice on how to pack it to avoid troubles with later.
I just managed to calibrate it within 0.02-0.03 mm :frowning:
And is printing 160 long part just fine, no banging etc,
I never saw a picture or a video of how pre assembled units are packed from stock .
HELP please :slight_smile:


its not to hard to transport the moai, just make sure everything is secure, make sure your vat is in place and taped down. and the plate is secure or you can transport the plate separately. ive transported my moai 2x already with just doing what i said and never having to readjust anything. tho still check the screws for tightness after trasport.


Well , thank you.
Then next weekend is the moving
I was terrified by a post here in the forum about trouble with moving moai in the same room .


Actually what you need to do is get a generator and put it in the car with the Moai-- fill the vat as high as possible and start a print. Keep the door on the printer and the car window open. Next… hit as many potholes as possible (this will keep the plate level)! Last but not least, when you get to your destination put the Moai on the table upside down to finish the print (this will keep resin from getting on the galvos). If you do all of that… you should be alright.

Oh, and one more thing… make sure you use a very old firmware before you make the move!

Better yet… dont listen to me, there are probably others in here that can give you better information than me :wink:


Like the idea :slight_smile:
I could also use a go cart for moving the printer


I just purchased a used Moai this past weekend. I drove it in the back of my SUV for two hours. I propped it so it wouldn’t fall over, but that was it.

I recalibrated it just to be safe. I had to adjust two nuts half a turn (and I have no idea if this was due to the trip or the original owner may have missed this)

Its printing fine!


Thank you
So not so scary


Sorry for the sarcasm, but honestly you should be fine as long as it doesn’t fall over and it’s secured good enough.


it is ok


so we can assume the move was good as there was no follow up post? :slight_smile:



It was postponed for the next weekend,
as far I’m busy to print some parts from castable @ XFAB. I am going to a casting house Monday.
We are trying very fine detailed part to be casted in stainless for a customer , that in the moment is producing this with 12 different oops on wire and sinker edm . If this is at least partly successful , my XFAB will have to do parts almost 24/7
We had a success with silver in a jewelry casting shop
MY big regret is that I did not still have the chance to try MOAI with some castable resin