Moving advice needed

I’m about to move across the United States and need to figure out the best way to pack my printer to get it there intact. I will be making the trip in a uhaul truck. Any advice would be welcome as well as lessons learned about what not to do.

Thanks in advance.

I am only a newbie but I would think that the laser and galvo assembly could be taken out and packed carefully and carried in the front seat. That’s the only REAL delicate part.


take the galvo/laser set out and put them in its original package would be the safest way to do it

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I agree with the other suggestions as a good option. If you don’t have the original packaging, you can probably make due with a moving box with plenty of cushioning/styrofoam. Either case, you should definitely disassemble what you can. Alternately, there’s something called white glove moving that moving companies offer that’s designed for more delicate things that need to be handled with extra care. I’d probably make sure they’ve moved a printer before if I went that route though.

Nevermind, I just caught the date on the original post and realized it’s old.