Monoprice MP Rapid UV resin


Has anyone tried the Monoprice MP Rapid resin? I’m interested because they claim “low fumes” and “safe for home use”. Bringing the 3d printer into my home office would be a real boon, but the fumes from the peopoly resin prohibit that (although I’m planning an exhaust system).

If you have tried the Monoprice resin, what were your settings? Any comments about the resin especially the smell?

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Also very eager to see if anyone has tried this resin yet.

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I ordered a small 250ml bottle so I will see. I can’t run tests as I’m in the middle of a lot of printing but I’ll test as soon as I can.

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I have a monoprice DLP printer and I thought the Monoprice resin smelled worse than the Peopoly resin.

I have not tried this resin in my Moai, but I’m interested in seeing how it works out for you




Hmm. I’m glad I asked rather than just buying some to play with. Hopefully Tim will have a better experience.



i ordered clear just fyi, so that will be my tests.



Did you ever try it out?



Sadly no, I currently have both my machines packed up as I no longer use the Moai for printing.