Monocure resins


Does anyone have any settings and experience with Monocure resins, both the standard and the rapid.

I have some Rapid gray I bought for my D7, and it’s their revised formula with less pigment, that I found to be totally awful. I initially had a bottle of their original formula which printed perfectly. My experience with the revised formula has put me off their resins

However, I understand that their standard resin is more suited for laser SLA printers, and am wondering if anyone has tried it out?


I don’t see it in the list linked below.

You can use this guide to find the right settings and if you do report back what you find.


keep an eye on the PDMS layer as these rapid resin kills the vat much quicker


I’ll keep the Rapid for the D7 then just to be safe.

What about their standard resin? Any advice?


No, I didn’t see it there either. I guess I’ll have to be the guinea pig!


Monocure standard is still a bit sensitive – try laser power 51 on the clear resin. Gray may need slightly lower power.