Monocure ResinAway


Hi Folks,

i just wanted to tell you that i tried ResinAway from Monocure as an IPA alternative.
I always wanted to try Yellow Magic but it isn´t avaible in germany and (i think) in other parts of europe as well.

ResinAway has a kinda steep price compared to IPA 60€ delivered for 2 liters. But it doesn´t corrode acrylic materials at all and it also smells way better. I use it with an ultrasonic unit which works great.


@Farquarl Have you used this stuff before or any other input on it? I’m curious how you like it or what your results were like compared to IPA or Yellow Magic?

Let me know


Hey hey,
Sorry i haven’t responded earlier.
In my opinion it works as well as ethanol to remove the uncured resins. The smell is much nicer and it doesn’t corrode acrylic which is nice. Apart from that i wouldn’t recommend heating it in an ultrasonic unit because it evaporates quite fast once being above 30C°



that is interesting because while we have not had other users report, Our sister brand Siraya Blu which is closely related to Peopoly Tough v2 has had a lot of problems with resinaway.

Resinaway seems to work well with most LCD resins but not Blu which suggests it is good at removing monomers but not more complex and larger polymers. That is likely what happened with Blu and if that is the case, not only it will have problems with Tough, but also most of Peopoly’s resins. We recommend Ethanol because it is safer and also does not affect the acrylic vat.

As with cleaning, unless the object has a lot of internal passage ways, it is not recommended to use an ultrasonic cleaner as the vibration can damage small print features, especially when soaked in solvents. The best way to preserve most features as many jewelers do is to use painter brush and spray ethanols or IPA (more corrosive) to quickly clean away resins. For larger objects, dip and clean with brushes but don’t leave the object in there.


I can only report on Peopoly Clear and Detax Freeprint. It is about as effective to remove the resin as ethanol( with those two resins anyway). I like that is inflammable which ethanol isn´t. But i´ll not buy another jug when this one is used up. The Price just isnt justified imo.

In regards to the ultrasonic cleaning:
I have not wittnessed cavitational damage on my parts, it is very important to degas the unit though.

I can only speak for myself, you have a lot more experience with this stuff ofc and therefore i would suggest to follow your recommendation.