Models not sticking on bed. help?


I had my Moai for a year now and it’s been working wonderfully up until I decided to buy the easy to level plate and the fep vat. Now I’m having a really hard time making my models stick to the plate.
Here are some pictures of my most recent failed attempt together my settings that I got from the fep vat wiki page.

Temperature doesn’t seem the problem since I’m using the peopoly heater. I am although using a different brand resin, Makerjuice standard red.

any help/tips is appreciated!


It appears that you are printing off the build plate. Is that the case? That will affect stability negatively.

My guess is that you are not playing to FEP’s strengths. It is much stickier than PDMS and works better with smaller models. You may have to adjust peel speed, z-follow, etc. to offset the FEP’s binding force.


I’m sure I sliced the model inside the plate but I’ll center it more just in case. my train of thought was that the model was sliding to the side since it wasn’t well adhered to the plate.


Get yourself a sheet of 80 grit sandpaper, tape it down on a perfectly flat surface. Take your build plate and sand that thing until it is all scuffed up and definitely flat. I did this and noticed that there was a hollow in the center of the plate. After it was evenly sanded and scuffed, everything sticks.
The PDMS vat is elastic so it squishes slightly and has slightly more tolerance to the build plate not being exactly plane, but the FEP vat does not tolerate anything less than perfect.

In short- scuff the build plate and make sure it’s flat.

Hope this helps