Model question (pre-purchase)


I’m looking at buying a Moai. But I’m a little confused as to the models listed on the site. There are two Moai models on

There’s the 130 and the non-130. There’s the 130 kit, the assembled 130, the one not listed as a 130 with a FEP vat, and the one not listed as a 130.

Are there actual differences other than accessories? I really can’t tell. I assume I want the 130 (which, I assume, comes with the FEP vat vs the PDMS). And the other two not numbered either come with the PDMS or both… but I just want to be sure I’m not ordering the wrong thing by mistake, and given that there’s not a comparison button (or terribly rational model numbers), I figured I’d double check.



its a bit confusing.

the FEP kit comes with both PDMS and FEP vats.
This is the one you want if you want FEP.

Its worth ordering an extra silicon seal for the fep vat, as the do degrade over time as you change the FEP out.



what comes with the purchase or not are listed in the key features, click on the product and you will see



I would also check if the fep vat comes with the new advanced fep bottom, this is a good update, im not sure if its been offered as standard with the kits or not