Model not finished


So , in the last 2 days I am printing full table of coins (15 pieces in a row) . I did 3 full tables success
And yesterday put the 4-th for printing. This morning I find perfect table of coins with missing top 3 to 4 mm of the print. The printer is finished.
There is nothing in the vat, just resin , checked the laser it is firing.
Firmware 1.18, all settings stock , just tilt speed is slower 12
Hi temp resin
Laser 51
Asura 80 micron profile
Heater on
The base and supports are intact
I did 3 successful prints of the same file, same conditions, the printer is working non stop almost 48 hours.
I do stir the resin before each print cycle power off /power on before every print.
The printer is working at the moment .
Is it possible some kind of overheating of the laser controller or other electronics?


This is one of the coins, it is not cleaned yet


I just started the same file and the first 4 bases are printed ok.
I am printing now the same file again, will see in 9 hours


if it happens again at the same spot then the gcode got corrupt somehow. same thing happened to me i had to reslice and it solved issues


Yes but the same file printed success 3 times , same setup, same file, same resin


Everything went OK
So 4 out of 5 success