Moai Z-Axis Slowing

When I fill up my VAT and start a print, the Z-axis lead-screw spins the build plate down in a real hurry. This is great, until the built plate reaches the resin. Of course the build plate will slow down before stopping, but only at the level of the VAT surface — it still collides with the surface of the resin at full speed. This results in the chassis of the Moai flexing from unnecessary stress, and even compressing the springs. This can move the alignment of the VAT unexpectedly.

What I would like to see in the next firmware revision: Settings to adjust the level where the build plate slows, and the speed the build plate will travel when it enters the slow zone. From this, users can tune the contact point so the build plate gently lowers into the resin.

I would also like to adjust the VAT angle when the build plate enters the resin. If the VAT is at a slight angle, the resin can escape to one side taking with it any bubbles, while reducing the torque against the VAT.

I’d like to add a few more things to the next MOAI firmware:
• When a print is completed, can we have the timer stop counting? Right now, the timer keeps counting even when the print has long since completed. It would be nice to know how long the print actually took.

• When printing a new file, the displayed values of the previous job are retained. Can we purge the job values in the display before starting? Right now, printing a small file after a big file will show… current layer: 477, total layers: 277. And then print time will be 4h, 15min… until one minute elapses, and then it will say 0, 01. Also, the current layer count will not update until it starts the second layer.

• I’d like the clock to show seconds, and not just minutes. This helps show time differences between small changes in print settings.

• Next, I’d like there to be a built-in alignment pattern instead of loading one from the card. In that alignment pattern, I would like more than just a single circle. I’d like a crosshair pattern and an inner circle. Also, I’d like the inner circle and outer circle to pass at two different speeds: one at slow speed, the second at high speed. This could reveal shifting in dimensional accuracy based on galvo response - and help the user choose a speed where accurate dimension is best respected.

• Lastly, I’d like a way to control laser power within the gcode by associating filament flow rate with laser power (58% flow = 58 power). This could allow more accurate outer wall dimension if reduced in power while assigning a smaller outer wall diameter. This could also speed up printing if the infill was set to high power and a larger line width.

Sorry this is all kind of late feedback given the Moai has been around for a long time. But I still feel the Moai is far superior for surface quality.

A next moai firmware? :rofl:. Peopoly kills moai long time ago… Despite the first users who allowed mark to create his company