Moai Z-Axis Slowing

When I fill up my VAT and start a print, the Z-axis lead-screw spins the build plate down in a real hurry. This is great, until the built plate reaches the resin. Of course the build plate will slow down before stopping, but only at the level of the VAT surface — it still collides with the surface of the resin at full speed. This results in the chassis of the Moai flexing from unnecessary stress, and even compressing the springs. This can move the alignment of the VAT unexpectedly.

What I would like to see in the next firmware revision: Settings to adjust the level where the build plate slows, and the speed the build plate will travel when it enters the slow zone. From this, users can tune the contact point so the build plate gently lowers into the resin.

I would also like to adjust the VAT angle when the build plate enters the resin. If the VAT is at a slight angle, the resin can escape to one side taking with it any bubbles, while reducing the torque against the VAT.