Moai says "printing first layer" but isn't doing anything!


Loaded gcode onto printer using SD card. Gets all the way to saying it is “printing the first layer” but the printer isn’t doing anything. Please help!!


1.have you done the laser/galvo test? is the laser firing normally? the model or reformat the SD card, it should fix your problem


It won’t even perform the test… something must be connected wrong?


We need pictures of the connections inside your Moai.




When powered on does the galvo driver led turn on on both boards?


yes the LED comes on both boards when powered on


redo the galvo test file, this time with the Moai open to see if the galvo mirrors are moving,
if it does, you can check the laser manually, follow this thread:Laser Stopped after a year?
if not, recheck the connections, see if anything went lose or not plugged right


so let’s back track a little bit:

  1. what kind of gcode, was it made by use or was it sliced by you? if it was done by you, what is the OS and what software

  2. If you have problem printing your own gcode, were you able to run calibration gcode like the circle and the leveling pegs?


The mirrors are not moving and the laser is not coming on when doing the galvo test. All connections seem to be plugged in right


Last time that happened to me was when a support piece was slightly lower than everything else, thus making the entire first layer almost non-existent.