Moai profile for other slicers? (ie: slic3r/pruser slicer)

Figured I’d ask to see if anyone’s already looked into it, I’m curious as to whether a profile for a different fdm slicer could be made to support the Moai. We have access to the cura profile that I think is now included with cura, it would be interesting to see what sort of results we could get from other slicers and features they include such as variable layer height.

Anyone looked into this already?

@Jeby i suggest you post this on facebook, Brian Willey has been working on this for quite a while now
i don’t know what his user name is on the forum

I don’t use facebook but if you have a link to the post I’d be very interested, thanks for the reply

sure, but it’s a private group so you would have to be accepted