Moai Printing Problem


I shall use a Peopoly Moai to print object. But at the moment, I cannot print the Calibration Tower from the Peopoly gcode testfile (see calibration guide). Leveling is since 4 weeks my main job and it does not help. Few layers are on the build plate and the other part in the FEP Vat. I have proof the Firmware Version (1.18) and the config. I use the standard Peopoly resin in blue. I proof the New User Guide. Nothing help. If I want to print my own object (created with Inventor 2022 and CURA 2.6.2, this version have function last year. For testing use, I used CURA 4.11), it will fail with a print speed higher than 10 mm/s. Room and resin temperature ist about 22 Celsius.

Can you give me a hint?

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Problem is solved:

I must reduce the distance for FEP Vat (1816 to 1819) and must increase the laser power to 80.