Moai print failures

I am getting unusual print failures with my Moai. I fitted a new FEP film with new acrlyic plate after the previous film tore and let some resin cure on the plate leaving it scratched after removal. I also changed resin to yellow NEX.

I see two problems:
(1) The prints often have horizontal lines across them, like rips, and sometimes also extra layers, bumps or threads hanging off the upper side (facing down into the vat).
(2) The build plate has an extra surface layer of cured resin beyond the feet of the supports, and the supports are fixed to the build plate much too strongly and take a lot of work to remove the print.

I am printing at 30 degrees temperature controlled.

Laser strength is set as 58. I understand for NEX it should be 54 but when I reduced it, even by 1, the problems get worse not better and the print “collapses” completely.

This printer previously worked perfectly.

What am I doing wrong? Any advice much appreciated. Thanks.

Further examples showing the lining effect and raft-creep. I am trying reducing the PM motor speed and PM init speed as well as increasing laser power.

I now have laser power on 64 and printing a bit better - print subject now sticking to supports better but still ripping free quite often. I am using the square bases to be easier to remove from build plate but still have to pretty much hammer it off. And I am still getting extensive “raft skirt” around the support raft, covering most of the build plate and cured onto it. Any ideas what might be causing this? I have adjusted Z up and down with no effect on it. I have checked the laser assembly and all is clean.

I would really appreciate a reply from anybody out there, or am I the only person still using a Moai?

Sorry to hear about your printing problems, please reply by email so that the peopoly technical service team can help you in time