Moai not performing peels again!


Asura uses Curaengine and the same profile setting. However, because cura often changes several settings automatically when you adjust just 1 separate settings, it is not as simple as editing the profile. There is no simple way to do it for setting that triggers multiple settings update. The only way to do it reliably is to pick up cura entire profile setting dump when you slice a model and merge that into its printer settings to get the full profile (that is what I did to make those Asura profiles) So, yeh, it is not very easy.

An easier to do it would be just add support in Asura and slice in Cura 3.5.1 with late profiles.



Replacing the peel motor seems to have been effective, at least in that I am now getting consistent peel action with every layer.

However, my problems are not over, as prints are still looking like crap. Even printing just leveling posts, there are terrible layers lines, the top and bottom of the post both seem ‘squished’ (the bottom flares out around the post, with a lot of excess material in a thin layer in every direction at the start, while the top has very poor definition/can barely see the letters). Oh, and they are printing out crooked AF.

Checked to see if anything was loose, but it all appears to be right and tight…no idea what the problem could be… (other than that I should have bought a Form 2, I mean)…