Moai no response

I haven’t been using the printer for a few month. When I turned it on, it have no display and no movement. So I tried to put the original SD card in. No response. I also tried flashing firmware, I waited for around 20 mins, still no response. Only the blue circle on power button is on.

Any advice? Is there a reset button on the controller board or sth?

I would like to have a video record the booting process, both with and without the SD card reader plugged.

There might be some thing gone bad after leaving it sit for a long time

Sorry, I was busy this afternoon. Anyways here is the video.
I couldn’t upload mp4 files so here’s the link:


@Arct7c what i meant was the SD card reader, not the SD card, you would need to open the side panel to disconnect it.
If it still doesn’t work, you would need a replacement