Moai no response

I haven’t been using the printer for a few month. When I turned it on, it have no display and no movement. So I tried to put the original SD card in. No response. I also tried flashing firmware, I waited for around 20 mins, still no response. Only the blue circle on power button is on.

Any advice? Is there a reset button on the controller board or sth?

I would like to have a video record the booting process, both with and without the SD card reader plugged.

There might be some thing gone bad after leaving it sit for a long time

Sorry, I was busy this afternoon. Anyways here is the video.
I couldn’t upload mp4 files so here’s the link:


@Arct7c what i meant was the SD card reader, not the SD card, you would need to open the side panel to disconnect it.
If it still doesn’t work, you would need a replacement

Hi, sorry for not responding for 2 months, something came up.
I removed the SD card reader and its still the same.
Which part should I replace? Should I get the Main board replacement or SD card reader.

Hi @Arct7c,
If the reader is disconnected, and the booting is normal aside from the LCD not turning on (Vat still tilts, build plate goes up, a bit of vibrating sound). The main board is the part to be replaced.
Please contact your nearest reseller. If you bought it directly from us, we can arrange an exchange if you are still in 1 year warranty.