Moai Modifaction

Hi, I have been using my Moai for the past couple months with the Moai Resin and everything is working wonderful.

Recently I wanted to try a new project which requires Resin which is photopolymerized with 385 nm, and as you all know the Moai provides 405 nm.

My question is how can i modify the Moai in order to get the 385 that i require?
Do I simply change the parameters (like laser power) and if so which ones do you recommend?
Or do I have to buy a new laser, and if so which one would you recommend.

Thanks in advance

the laser power is the intensity of the laser, not it’s wavelength.
If you want 385nm wavelength you would have to replace the laser diode

Is there an instruction guide on how to change the laser diode?

@carlos.ezio no, but it’s very simple. The diode is held to the galvo unit using screws , unscrew them and you will be able to pull the diode out easily

I believe you contacted us through email as well

Thank you very much for all of your help.

I believe I did, though I cannot find the email thread.
Should I send a new email in order to continue this conversation through there?


is the email named Iñaki Cornago?

No, can I have the contact information sent to me via inbox or here on this thread?

Thanks in advance

email to