Moai laser not working

I have just started using my Moai, consumed 1000 ml printing a dozen parts that were copies of three models. Cleaned Vat changed from clear to yellow hi-temp resin. I created stl models in my customer software and used Formware to slice them. The printed parts are excellent.
I purchased the printer completely assembled and hired a tech guy to play it using the Formware. I use him to walk me through the slicing software by phone. The printing part was flawless and easy. We have done three of my prototypes very successfully.
The fourth model is not printing. The print screen is on “current layer:1” but nothing after hours. Shut down and reloaded twice.
Is there a hidden limit switch? Or something really easy that is unplugged? The laser is not working at all.

how big is your model? if you have a big model and printing with a raft it can take very very long
since the 1st layer is slowed and over cured for better adhesion
also, i don’t recall that we have yellow hi-temp, it can be red hi-temp but you haven’t mix the resin up
if that’s the case, try to mix well before print, the pigments can affect the print process

All four models are 308 MB with minor design changes. The second was printed in pairs at 618MB. That was not consistant. I purchased two yellow hi-temp professional UV resin 18 months ago with he machine. Because is sat until I was ready for it, I hired a tech kid to use the machine, run a few parts to make sure it was fully operational. Then I printed a dozen parts of 3 different models that were excellent.
A MatterHhackers tech is examining the gcode and the original stl file made from my software. I used Formware 3D to slice the gcode, he will try a different slicing software.
Ran the ringtest correctly, so it may be in the gcode.

I mean printing the forth model was not consistent with the success of the other 3.

how are the other pre-sliced gcodes print? are they came out good?

Three models with 12 prints are excellent. The forth one did not print at all. The ring test printed as it should have.

keep us updated with the gcode check

I switched the layer thickness of Formware slicing from 40 microns to 80 microns and that part is printing. It is on layer 1000 in 12 hours. It finished on layer 1300,
It tried recreating from my software to the 40 micron layers that the other models were made and it still did not print at all.

That was backwards, All my other models were at 80 microns and I switched to 40 microns. The other models were done in 12 hours.

if the pre-sliced gcodes are done well, try to slice a new model using Asura on your pc to check if it’s the new gcode being printed wrong or is it the smartphone slicer

I re-formatted the SD card and now it is printing two copies at a time. All the problems seem to stem from reading the SC card. I used the Kingston Flash memory. I had over 5GB out of the 8GB used. I had 9 jobs on the card… I will be making a couple dozen parts 2 at a time.

The current moai firmware has issues reading sd cards. I’m not sure if you’re saying you’re still having problems or that you solved your problems, but if you haven’t, never keep more than one job file on an sd card at once and format it when changing jobs, Else the printer freaks out a bit and doesn’t read files correctly, or prints the wrong gcode.

80% through printing two parts and it freaked out. I had 4 jobs on the sd card of the same part, two at 40 microns and two at 80. they were a single and double of each. It printed a single at 80 microns, I will reformat and print a single at 40.
Thank you for your reply, I was not sure what to do next.

That “80% through printing two parts and it freaked out” left an 10mm thick rubbery material completely covering the basin. I was like a rubber mouse pad. I had left it when it printed 8 hrs with 480 layers out of 560 layers. The next day it had printed for 20 hrs.
Two profiles of the parts it was printing are so cured that I only chip out pieces. I have to replace the basin.
I have printed 11 parts (2x4x8 cm) with problems on 3. They were printed in single or double parts. The mission was to fine tune some engineering on connecting surfaces. After I get new basin I will only use a single job on a formatted SD card at a time. The good parts are excellent.

That the 10mm thick rubber was more like 4mm and it was probably a silicon liner on the basin. It had a hole 3cm hole in it and two 2x4cm profiles cured under it.

@dalevancor if i’m following this right, you are now only having success rate consistency rather laser problem , correct?

That is correct. I think that the problem was not the laser, but the Moai reading and processing the gcode files. Anothers posted on the forum that the Moai is very sensitive to reading from its sd card. The solution is to reform the card for new prints and only have one gcode file on the card. I will try when I get the new resin bin.

This is not due to the SD card or processing. Rather the leveling.
Some experienced users manage to level their machine perfectly and can print mass production in 1 go, but this is not the case on most users.
The reason is again, due to leveling, there are some areas where the layer is not fully peeled clean, the layer stuck and make the model fail to continue. This is less common with large model since the layers are bigger and can lift each other up

Thank you. I will re-llevel as perfect as I can and harden the corner supports.

After careful leveling I used an SD card with 5 jobs and picked on. That print start did not read the job because it did not have how many layers. I stopped after 15 minutes, reformatted the SD card, copied the job, and it is printing showing 672 layers. I will test with and without reformatting again. That appears to be a valid response to not reading the job in.