Moai Heater Module failure?


i bought the heating module last year but recently I’ve notice that it will not continue to heat up, it gets a little warm when first turned on but will start to cool down and the interior temperature inside the moai won’t get anywhere near 30c it tends to be only a few degree above room temp(18c-24c) despite leaving it on for hours.

Does anyone know what parts to order to replace the heating sensor inside the module? i think i may need to replace it

the heater will stop if it reaches 35C and keep the fan for air flow and reheat
if the temperature inside is 24C, it’s still printable with no problems but it’s not ideal
you can find the sensor module pretty much everywhere, just open the heater and you can see it

After opening, will the warranty expire?

can you give more details like either a model number or a link to what specific sensor module I need to buy?

@jimsbeanz unfortunately i don’t have the specific information about the sensor inside
@ad_fontec as long as it’s within 1 year, it’s exchangeable. @jimsbeanz you can email and explain the situation but i’m afraid it would take a very long time now and we are quite overloaded