Moai gcode for exposure?

Hi I’m a researcher relatively new to 3D printing and I’t trying to get a Moai printer to expose a material applied to a glass slide. I’m have some questions about how to write the gcode to get this done. Basically I want the galvos to move to a new position (X1 Y1) at some speed (F6000) then turn on the laser for a set amount of time ( G1 F0 X1 Y1 E0? or something with G4 and P ). Turn off the laser (no E value) then this process would repeat.

If this was an FDM printer I just use G0 F10 E30 to get a 3 min extrude or hold but not sure how to implement with a laser.

Something in here is probably wrong, anyone have suggestions?

G0 F6000 X1 Y1 Move to spot A, no laser
G1 F0 X1 Y1 E0 Fire laser at spot A (How do I specify time?)
G0 F6000 X1 Y2 Move to spot B, no laser
G1 F0 X1 Y2 E0

FYI I know laser intensity in a singe spot will burn FEP and films which is why I’m not using them.

The structure of the Moai “g-code” does not adhere to the norm.

It is structured as follows:
Rapid linear move =
G0 F … X … Y …
Feed Linear Move =
G1 F … X … Y … E0 / E1

Where E1 (>0) turns on the laser for the current G1 move and E0 turns off.

Feed (F …) must be specified once when it changes and is then retained for the subsequent G0 / G1 travel commands.

No distinction is made between G0 F … and G1 F …

There is no official unit for Feed. After measurements, the numerical value Fx is approximately x * 4 mm per minute (F300 = 1200mm / min). A value smaller than x = 300 becomes F300. The feed parameter depends on the “XY Speed ​​Set” parameter.

Comments can be entered after a semicolon (up to the end of the line) =
…; comment

No other G-code commands are implemented.

To reduce the file size, the parameters X and Y can be limited to two decimal places, since the resolution of the galvo control is lower than 1/100 mm.

A beta firmware is available for the Moai 130 (not Moai 200), which enables further commands such as pause and parameter changes, etc. in the g-code (see firmware instructions).

Please correct or supplement my remarks.

Ok interesting. Do we know if the M1002 X wait command turns off the laser or does it simply wait with the laser on at whatever point it previously was at, per G0/1

Good question! I would like to test this if PeoPoly made it possible for the Moai 200.

I think a test would be very easy. Keep us up to date.