Moai for sale in michigan $300


Looking to unload my MOAI. I am pretty sure it is working as it is supposed to, but I use this for my business for prototyping functional parts and it just isn’t working out for that. Includes some accessories and resin. Looking to get $300, local pick up in Traverse City, MI. Will consider shipping at buyers expense/risk.

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I am interested in buying your moai from you, but I would like to know what resins and accessories come with the $500 asking price.

I am located in Columbus, Ohio and would prefer to have it shipped as opposed to picking it up in MI. Would you be willing to remove the laser / galvo assembly and package it separately to help prevent damage? I can send you detailed instructions on how to remove and package the laser assembly for shipment.






Yes I could ship it. I would just have to charge you the actual cost for shipping. I have got to think that would be around $100 or more? Yes I could remove the lazer/galvo I suppose. I did build this as a kit myself so I could probably figure it out. Just to be clear this is an “as is” “all sales final” type sale. No warranty, refunds, returns, etc. I will purchase insurance (charge you for it), in case of damage during shipping however.


One of these plus the original build plate.

4 Standard resin tanks, 1 new, 3 somewhat used
1L Neon Green Resin
.5+L Clear Resin

Home built UV cure chamber
Home built IPA and Water rinse container/basket

All tools and parts that were originally included when I purchased this in 05/2018.



Yes I understand that I would pay for the cost of shipping and that all sales will be final.

Any chance you could fire it up and take some picture of it running the P_yuan_test2.gcode? The instructions for how to do this are in section 3 from the startup guide (see link)

This is just to document that the laser and galvos are working correctly before shipping so I can file a claim if something breaks during shipping.
(see link)

Other than that, we can take the conversation off line to discuss payment method and shipping details.


You don’t need to put resin in the tank for this, just a sheet of paper.



I’ll email you …